When to Use a Car Amp

Do you love to turn your car into a music studio on wheels? SRQ Customs knows how much drivers want to enhance their vehicles in several fashions, especially with a sweet sound system. One of the most effective ways to gain better sound quality is to install an amplifier.

Let’s discuss when and why you should use an amplifier in your car.

Amplifiers for jeep in Sarasota

What Does an Amplifier Do?

Amplifiers serve to reduce the interference of road noise and other random sounds that hinder your listening experience. Sometimes you’ll hear people refer to “headroom,” which is a term to describe the ability to play loud music much easier, free from distortion.

Certainly, if you choose to augment your system with a subwoofer, you’ll need an amplifier. Subwoofers magnify the bass output from the system. Without an amp, you wouldn’t have enough sound space to fully utilize a subwoofer.

What are the Different Types of Amplifiers?

There is a wide variety of amplifiers available. Here are a few types:

  • 4-Channel Amplifiers: This is the most common way to increase power in all four corners of a Sedan or other four-door vehicles. With this approach, you evenly distribute it to all the front and rear speakers. They come in four sizes, ranging anywhere from 40 to 100-up watts per channel.
  • Mono Amplifiers: These are also known as one-channel amplifiers. It’s the simplest and most effective way to boost your sound if all you’re doing is adding a subwoofer to your system. With a strong subwoofer in your trunk or behind a two-seater, you’ll only need a one-channel amp to give you the necessary sound power.
  • 5-Channel Amplifiers: Here’s a good option if you want to combine four speakers with a subwoofer in the back. Use the 5-channel amp to harness all the speakers and the subwoofer.
  • 2-Channel Amplifiers: This is another great option for pick-up trucks and two-seat Sedans. With a subwoofer in the back and two front speakers, it’s the most efficient way to distribute sound, although 2-channel amps are not as versatile as the 4/5-channel options.
  • 3-Channel, 6-Channel, & 8-Channel Amplifiers: These are less common, but if you’re looking to roll with a greater number of speakers (particularly in newer, large SUVs perhaps), you can even go as high as 8 channels. This is most common with vehicles equipped with sophisticated digital computer systems.

SRQ Customs specializes in the installation of these kinds of audio and electronics components. Whether you want to add an amplifier, subwoofer, replace a speaker, or install a whole new system, we’ll be glad to help you. Call us at 941-923-6200 or stop by at 5687 Mcintosh Road in Sarasota, FL.

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