What is a Radar Detector & Do I Need One?

Have you ever thought about getting a radar detector for your vehicle? It might not be a bad idea if you want more control of what’s happening around you while you’re driving. We’ll explain why you should consider using radar detection and show you our top pick for the job.

What is a Radar Detector?

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Radar detector protection is a must-have for anybody who wants to avoid speed traps and other entanglements with highway patrol officers. You might hear people refer to these as “radar diffuser systems.” The primary purpose is to alert you to traffic cops, construction zones, and other road hazards.

There are several advantages to using a radar detector while driving on the highways around Sarasota:

  • It’s a quick installation that you can hide in your rear-view mirror.
  • Radar detectors allow you to avoid speeding tickets, get around highway collisions, and other problems. This lets you plot out an alternate path when such circumstances arise.
  • They’re reliable and update quickly within minutes.
  • Radar detectors synchronize with your other electronic devices like your smartphone, GPS, Bluetooth, and more.

So, if you’re the kind of driver that can’t feel your vehicle’s speed and occasionally lose track of how fast you’re going, this could help you immensely. You no longer have to worry about the patrol cops capitalizing on a minor mistake, and hitting you with an awful fine.

Get a Good Radar Detector – Like the Escort Max Ci 360

Our favorite brand of radar detector is a model made by Escort, called the Max Ci 360. This technology comes with four laser shifters for and front and back radar detection. It’s 100% undetectable with 360-degree protection.

Best of all, its hardware features two antennas that allow you to discover long-range activity. This gives you the chance to adjust your speed or make course corrections before you encounter the problem. The MSRP for this product is $3,899.95, not including installation or customization.

SRQ Customs serves the Sarasota area with electronic, audio, and other vehicle enhancements. One of our increasingly popular services is radar detector protection. If you have questions about the services or products we offer, contact us at any time at 941-923-6200.

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