Upgrade the Speakers in Your Ford Bronco in Sarasota

There’s something incredibly frustrating about driving a great vehicle that doesn’t let you play music the right way. The Ford Bronco is an awesome ride with regard to everything EXCEPT its sound system. Every vehicle has a drawback or two, which is why SRQ Customs likes to help pick up the slack by offering premium audio enhancements to the speakers.
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Find out how you can improve your Ford Bronco’s speaker system with some of our fine products and installation services.

Ford Bronco Subwoofer Enclosure With Grille

The most common consumer complaint against Bronco is poor sound quality. You don’t have to take our word for it, either. People on several message forums have voiced their complaints about the speakers and factory subwoofers. For what it’s worth, many vehicles suffer from these problems.

We can help you fix that permanently with our Ford Bronco Subwoofer Enclosure. It’s an 8” kicker that you can customize right onto your SUV.

We can fit it onto either two-door or four-door models. All mounting hardware is included, it fits perfectly, and you won’t have to tolerate any more obnoxious cutting. We offer it at a fair market value of $600 with a guarantee to finally eliminate the awful rattling you get from your previous setup.

Best of all, installing a subwoofer does not impact your Ford warranty. Plus, we can tailor this equipment to fit almost anything. It’s compatible with all models.

Awesome Speakers from SRQ Customs

If you’d like to replace or add speakers to your car, truck, or SUV, we can help you out there as well. In addition to the Bronco Kicker, we sell speakers from the following brands:

  • Illusion Audio
  • Triton Audio
  • Arc Audio

You can always make even further alterations to your equipment by purchasing one of these quality speaker adapters. As you can see, we cover every base when it comes to vehicle sound systems.

SRQ Customs

provides top-notch audio products and we install them for folks here in Sarasota, FL. You don’t have to endure low-quality sound on the Ford Bronco or any other model. Don’t forget that we even perform audio installations for boats and
marine equipment also. Call us at any time to learn more, at 941-923-6200.

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