Update Your Marine Electronics

With both the sun and springtime in full bloom, the earliest signs of the summertime are quickly approaching. While the average person has their own traditions for beating the heat and making the most of the change in weather…you’re not the average person. You’re a mariner whose sea legs are beginning to cramp up from their lack of use. But before you take to the waves this summer, why not let SRQ Customs provide some essential upgrades to your vessel? 
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CHIRP Sonar: Not Just for Submarines Anymore 

For those of you who live to break out your rod and reel and enjoy fishing, it’s time you stepped into the 21st century. While there’s no shortage of products on the market that promise results, few have the effectiveness of CHIRP (Compressed High-Intensity Radio Pulse) Sonar. That’s right, the same technology used in The Hunt for Red October can now be utilized for making the big catch. CHIRP sonar can function effectively at high speeds and can identify objects with pinpoint accuracy Holy Mackerel! 

Smart Phone Integration 

One of the most used phrases in the modern era is “there’s an app for that.” Smartphone technology has reached the marine world, and now your Apple and Android phones can be integrated with the electronic systems aboard your vessel. This can come in handy for reviewing sonar data and sharing it with others in your network. 

Marine Lighting Systems 

Of course, not every upgrade available through SRQ Customs is aimed at those who want to make the perfect catch or stay up to date with the newest technological innovations, we also offer upgrades that are built for those who have a keen eye for style and aesthetic. If you’re someone who loves both the nightlife and boogie down, then you might want to consider a marine lighting system. In just a flick of a switch, your vessel can become illuminated without putting a substantial drain on your boat’s battery system. This means the party lasts longer and brighter than ever before. 

Marine Upgrades and More at SRQ Customs 

This year you have the opportunity to make it a summer to remember. At SRQ Customs, we can bring your vessel out of the iron age and into the new millennium. For a complete list of our services, portfolio, and much, more, drop an anchor over at srqcustoms.com.

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