The Benefits of Sub Woofers in a Car Stereo

If you’ve ever been out car shopping, whichever salesman you were talking to might have mentioned a subwoofer as an optional addition for the car you’re looking at. While the term is used often enough, the definition and purpose of the item in question might escape you. Well, that’s what we’re here to provide. A definition, purpose, and once we’re finished, we hope you’ll see the advantages of having one placed in your car.
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What is a Subwoofer?

If you’ve ever turned up a stereo system to a high level of volume, you might have noticed that the sounds emanating from the speakers eventually become distorted. If you love music in your car turned up to 11 and want to eliminate the distorted after effects, a subwoofer is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Aside from eliminating distortion from any mix, a subwoofer also adds depth and realism to anything that passes through it. Unlike the treble that gets reproduced with your speakers, bass is difficult to replicate. The stereo system that your vehicle currently has is most likely the one that was installed at the time of purchase. The speakers it currently has are most likely incapable of passing bass tones effectively. However, a subwoofer can help…

What Does it Do?

A subwoofer is specifically designed to do what normal speakers have difficulty doing—reproduce low frequency range and bass sounds. If you decide to optimize your stereo for peak performance, a subwoofer will be an absolute necessity. It’s a simple matter of physics, the larger the speaker, the bigger the bass. Simple, right? Before you run out and snag a 15” speaker and plan on blasting Megadeth throughout your entire neighborhood, there’s some preparations that need to be made.

  • Measure There are a few locations that are ideal for the location of a subwoofer. While many people favor the trunk, they can also be installed underneath the seat. This option is a good idea if you live in a high traffic area and want to keep it out of sight.
  • Enclosure Any subwoofer you decide to purchase needs a proper enclosure. A sealed enclosure will create deeper bass than an open one, so keep that in mind when you choose the size of your speaker. A ported enclosure will make the bass loud and prominent, and is recommended for bass heavy musical stylings such as house and techno.

Advantages of a Subwoofer

If you decide to spring for a subwoofer, you’ll notice a change immediately in your car’s stereo system. You’ll soon notice better bass response, greater clarity and diminished distortion, and the smaller speakers in your car will have to work less.

Get Your Subwoofer Installed at SRQ Customs

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