Terms and Conditions for Online Orders

Product Availability

Almost every item in the online store is made to order. Most products in the store offer some level of customization and there are simply too many combinations to create a stock of everything. We strive to fulfill every order as quickly as possible, and most are shipped within 30-60 days of ordering, but some items may involve more complex construction or materials that can delay production.

Shipping Damage

In the event of shipping damage, we will handle the insurance claim with the shipper and replace the product. Please do not send the item back to us, or destroy the item and packaging. We will need detailed photographs of all of it to process your claim. Your help in getting the resources we need to file the claim will be required in order to replace your damaged item. This cooperation is also needed in the event the shipper loses your package in transit.

Incorrect Items

Sometimes we make mistakes. If we ship you the wrong size subwoofer cutout, or upholstery color, etc. the enclosure is yours to keep and we will ship the correct item. You are not required to do anything but let us know what we did wrong.


Our products are very consistent, and cars are very consistent too. There may be times when slight variations will occur, such as a bolt hole in the car is 1/8″ to one side, different dye lots on upholstery make the color a shade different, etc. There may also be times where the subwoofer you are using may not have a standard mounting dimension (9.125 or 11.125″) and you didn’t know or didn’t tell us. These occurrences will require some work on your part. Making a speaker hole or mounting hole a little bit bigger is up to the buyer now. A small effort for a big payoff is the logical conclusion.


Simply put, if the item has been shipped, and its what you ordered, its yours. No returns from this point.


Once an order has been in our system for more than 48 hours, production on some level has begun. Materials have been ordered or allocated, wood cut and assembled, etc. If you need to cancel during this window there is a 10% restocking fee. Our facility does not have the space to pile up enclosures that are not sold, so we will have to complete and sell your item, often at a discount, to quickly unload it. If at any time an order is cancelled, even during the first 48 hours, the buyer is responsible for all transaction costs both ways. Merchant processors like PayPal charge a fee to move money back and forth, and those fees are not refunded to us, so they will not be refunded to you.


Your patience is greatly appreciated. Your item might look like others we have made, but it is as unique as your system. Every piece is built just for you, and if you have questions about the timeline please text or email us and you will get a response back within a business day. Please note I do not monitor messages through secondary channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, Google Maps, etc.