The work we do at SRQ Customs goes far beyond the realm of car audio. As time has gone by, it has actually become a smaller segment of our business, with fabrication of all kinds taking the center stage. In this case, we took an empty Nissan van and turned it into a rolling showroom for The Compound Boardshop in Sarasota, FL.

The first step in designing the van was a trip to the Compound’s retail store. Everything from the layout, colors and materials were photographed to be recreated. The store is filled with a wooden theme, using planks from broken pallets and other sources to cover the walls. The sea foam green color is popular inside the store, and on the outside of the van, so we used it too. We began by framing out the inside of the van. The back section would have a bench seat on each side with integrated storage, cup holders, and lockable storage cabinets. Near the mid section a 32″ LED TV would be mounted to play videos from an Apple TV. We made access behind all the panels possible, as this area quickly became the hiding spot for all the electronics in the van. The walls came together quickly with lots of the sea foam green used as accents. Branding is important on a company vehicle, and we were sure that there are Compound logos everywhere, like the one between the green trim. We added a pair of 8″ Focal speakers near the rear of the van, and made our own speaker grilles with the Compound’s C* logo stamped into them. For the floor and ceiling, we wanted to capture the mismatched wood look of the store. First we had to create a level ceiling, by attaching beams across the roof to hold the weight of the wood. A ring of color changing LEDs around the roof of the van can light it up any color he wants. On top of the van, we built a massive safari rack. Constructed in house from raw 1/8″ steel, the rack is 11′ long and 6′ wide. It holds the spare tire, a pair of Kicker marine speakers, a 50″ LED light bar in the front, a pair of small LED flood lights on the side, and secure storage for several surfboards. Once the steel structure was complete, it was coated in epoxy bed liner and mounted in place. To trim out the sides, we stained several patio deck planks in different woods, distressed them and bolted them to the rack. For easy access to the cargo on top, we also fabricated this ladder above the rear wheel. In the lower right of the van, you can see an electrical outlet. This allows the van to plug into a wall socket and run the electronics without the need for the car’s battery. There is also a water inlet. This fills a 15 gallon tank under the van, and we installed a quick release plug in the rear bumper that allows a pressurized hose to wash off surfboards. On the inside we transformed the left rear door into a jewelry case. With a lockable glass door,  and bright white LED’s inside, it can display a sample of the sunglasses and watches for sale in the store. The other rear door is dual purpose. Depending on the event the van is traveling to, the door can hold several skateboards or the Compound’s line of surfboard fins.