The Jeep Wrangler is the most customized vehicle on the road today. The popularity of this simple vehicle and the wide array of options allow the owner to make their Jeep a personal statement.  Many of the latest style of Wrangler include an 8″ subwoofer in the hatch area. It makes a little bass, but you will see how we dramatically increase output without taking away valuable cargo space. This is the stock subwoofer enclosure in the back of the Jeep. It contains a basic 8″ Alpine subwoofer found in many vehicles throughout the Chrysler family. The enclosure is made from 1/8″ thick ABS and securely bolted to the vehicle. After we remove the enclosure from the Jeep, we remove the grille, subwoofer, wiring, and auxiliary power port. The front and side of the enclosure are cut off to make room for the larger subwoofer coming its way. The entire plastic surface is roughed up with grinding disc so that the new parts will stick properly. The factory enclosure is only 1/8″ thick, and is made from two halves glued together. Without reinforcement, the halves will break apart with a more powerful subwoofer. We mix up a quart of our special recipe filler, “Concoction” which will work its way into the cracks and reinforce the inside of the enclosure. While the Concoction dries inside the enclosure, we machine the mounting ring for the subwoofer. The ring is made from 2 layers of 3/4″ MDF. The bottom layer has predrilled mounting holes with Tee-Nut threads inserted, and the front layer countersinks the subwoofer and adds a 3D element with the 30 degree chamfer on the inside edge that matches the grille for the subwoofer. The mounting ring is attached to the plastic enclosure with CA glue It is important not to increase the depth of the enclosure, or the floor panels in the cargo area will not operate properly. The side and front of the enclosure are made from 1/4″ ABS and bonded with CA glue. They are cut to a close fit, and the gaps are filled with “VERT.” VERT is one of four custom body fillers designed for the car audio industry by the team at Sonus Car Audio in Clarksville, Tennessee. VERT is a filler that stays where you put it, ideal for working upside down or filling a large gap without the filler falling into the enclosure. When the VERT dries, it is time to break out the Mass. This filler is infused with glass fibers, and although it is very thick, it is also easy to shape. Mass allows us to quickly build up styling curves and reinforce weak points. After sanding down the Mass, we switch to Matter. Matter is a lightweight filler that smoothes out the surface to “paint ready” status. Before painting any surface, it is important to thoroughly clean it. We use professional grade “wax & grease remover” to clean any dust or oils from the surface. Even the transfer of oil from your fingerprints can affect the quality of a paint job. We set up the enclosure and an extra test panel outside and spray it with a heavy coating of truck bed liner. The liner takes several hours to dry. We use the test panel to judge when it is safe to touch so we do not mar the surface of the enclosure. The wiring is reinstalled, the subwoofer bolted in and the whole piece is attached to the Jeep with the original mounts. The bass increase is significant, and as you can see the enclosure does not give up any more space than the original.

Thinking about this conversion for your Jeep? We can modify your factory enclosure just like in this blog. You can ship your enclosure to us, and we will ship it back ready to install. Contact one of our sales advisers for more details. (941) 923-6200. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for up to the minute installation pics.