If you own a Harley Davidson, you already know it is loud. If you own a modern Harley Davidson, you know that the sound system is lacking. Working with technicians at Harley-Davidson, our retail partners at Arc Audio have designed a system that takes your tunes up to the level of your exhaust.

At SRQ Custom Autosound, we carry the full range of Arc Audio systems for Harley Davidson bikes, which include five package systems, as well as a la carte parts. As a retailer and technician, I love that all of these kits bolt and wire into the bikes without having to make new holes or cut wires on the bike. The kits start off with a drop in speaker replacement and amplifier upgrade, and from there offer several speaker upgrades while keeping the same powerful amplifier. The Arc Audio KS125.2 Mini is the heart of the system. This amp kicks out 70 watts per channel, nearly seven times the power of the factory system.

The guys at Harley Davidson give you a pair of 5.25″ coaxial speakers from the factory. I will say they are better than most factory car speakers, but they are still a .99 cent speaker at best. The Arc Audio speakers bolt right into the factory locations without modifications. Need more? A funnel-like adapter allows us to mount a 6.5″ speaker to the existing location for even more sound.

Our recent installation of the kit is pictured below. To really optimize the sound, we took it beyond the top level MPAK5 and used a pair of Hertz Hi-Energy coaxials. Using the spacers from the kit, the speakers bolted right in. We also decided to beef up the wiring between the amplifier and speakers, with all the connections soldered. For even more durability, we swapped out the included mounting for a set of aluminum brackets I made. These brackets attach to unused threaded holes inside the fairing and allow us to bolt the amp in place using stainless hardware and not modifying the structure of the bike.