Sound System Guide for Your Truck

We’ve waited all year long and struggled through the other seasons, but summer is finally here! While many people consider the new year to be a time of renewal and regeneration, the weather hinders any exciting plans we might have been pondering. Summer is for cruising down the highway, windows down, and the stereo cranked all the way up. If you’re still driving around with the same system that was in your truck when you originally purchased it, it’s time for a long-overdue upgrade. To this end, the team at SRQ Customs took the time to discuss some of the best brands out there to crank up the volume on your summer fun. 
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Pioneer Speakers 

One of the most recognizable brands of in-car audio, Pioneer has been trusted for years to bring volume to a variety of vehicles. With dimensions that measure out to 6×9 and boasting 600 watts of power, purchasing them will certainly allow you to drown out the worries of the world. However, it’s strongly recommended that you purchase an amplifier if you go this route. 

Rockford Fosgate Speakers 

If you’re on a budget but still have a need to kick out the jams, then Rockford Fosgate will be your best option. Relatively inexpensive and more than adequate, they can certainly allow for a ride filled with great tunes. Getting the right frequency that sounds perfect will take a considerable amount of adjusting, so some experience will certainly be helpful should you decide to be cost-effective. 

Kenwood Speakers 

Much like the previous brand, Kenwood speakers are known for their cost-effectiveness as well as their clarity. While Kenwood has always possessed an impressive reputation for quality, they’re not known for handling bass frequencies with reputable efficiency. A subwoofer will be needed if you’re a fan of dance and hip hop. 

JBL Speakers 

Here we are. JBL speakers were made with the fan of loud stereo volumes in mind. We recommend these for those who don’t mind spending a few extra pennies to hold communion with their inner metalhead. 90’s kids who grew up owning a JVC Kaboom Box will recognize the brand instantly, and they’re still going strong today. 

SRQ Customs 

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