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The Porsche Panamera is full of speakers. There are three in the dash, six in the front doors, four in the back doors, and a subwoofer in the trunk. Overall they sound pretty good, but it is lacking in the low bass response. That’s where we come in. We are going to put a 10″ subwoofer in the driver side storage nook, and first we removed the cargo light and power port from the area. There was also a cargo net that we had to remove and finally a tie down hook. The entire area was prepped with 3M tape, and even the outside of the car is wrapped, just in case.

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With the side all taped up, Ryan laid in the hatch and spread a gallon of fiberglass resin to build up a strong fiberglass back to the enclosure. The fiberglass is left overnight to cure.

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The yellow square on the bottom of the enclosure is tape covering where the tie down hook used to be. When the enclosure is complete, we will use these factory mounting holes to secure our enclosure.

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This is the speaker grille for the 8″ woofers in the front doors. When designing our enclosure, we try to bring elements of other parts of the car into our creation. The speaker grille we build for the enclosure will be as close to this shape as the proportions will allow.

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Using a technique called “Stack Fab” we start with the outside shape of the grille we want to use, and can manufacture all the other pieces that will fit together in minutes. It’s like a big wooden jigsaw puzzle.

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With all the pieces of the baffle glued together, it can finally be attached to our fiberglass mold. The gaps around the baffle are packed with body filler. Also, any gaps between the enclosure and the car are filled as well. This part is natural because the fiberglass will shrink during the curing process. The enclosure has been upholstered to match the lines of the factory carpet and plastic panels. The Audiomobile 10″ GTS subwoofer has been loaded and wired.

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To finish the area behind the grille, we added a piece of PVC that is 1/8″ thick, textured and painted black. The grille has been attached. It is made from powder coated steel that we cut and form with a 20-ton press. The trim around it is 1/8″ aluminum that we hand brushed to match the finish of the panel at the very back of the trunk.

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The power from the factory amplifier will not be enough for this woofer. We wired in a 600 watt Audison amplifier to do the job. We mounted the amplifier under the floor where the factory subwoofer used to be. To secure the amp we welded up a steel amp rack that attaches to the original woofer mounting points. Also, we covered all of the wiring in nylon sleeving to match the style of the factory wires. If that’s not enough, we bought the same brand of electrical tape that Porsche uses so every detail was correct. It’s that extra 5% that makes it an SRQ install

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