Perfect Enclosure for Sierra Denali

Here at SRQ Customs, we know all there is about great accessories for your cars. The best types of car accessories are the ones that aren’t necessary but feel like they are. We’re talking about must-haves and today we shine a light on a product that most cars should have. Because one issue cars have today is added vibrations. Most drivers don’t realize that vibration can harm their car and its components. But there’s a solution for that problem, a subwoofer enclosure.

Sierra Denali custom subwoofer enclosure by SRQ Customs

What is a Subwoofer enclosure?

An under-seat enclosure or better known as a subwoofer is a device that helps to contain all vibration that happens in the car for drivers. This helps to prevent the car from suffering from mechanical damage. When you have the perfect-sized subwoofer, this allows the car to benefit from a significant bass extension. It also helps to reduce any sound interference.

Enclosure for the GMC Sierra Denali

The Subwoofer that we’re offering is made just for the GMC Sierra Denali and it’s designed to perfectly fit under the back seat of the vehicle. More specifically, this subwoofer is made for a pair of JL Audio TW3 subwoofers. It comes wrapped nicely in vinyl and carpet while featuring an authentic Denali logo on the front. This subwoofer, like others, faces up and into the bottom of the back seat. If you want to customize them even more, this model will also accommodate a grille.

Some other features:

  • This model features a convenient terminal cup for easy wiring. This takes the hassle out of wiring the device.
  • The subwoofer comes in 10″ or 12″ TW3 cutouts.
  • Does not fit extended-cab or standard cab models
  • This model weighs 30 lbs.
  • It measures in dimensions of 52 × 16 × 16 in.
  • The Speaker Size is 10TW3, 12TW3.
  • Color: Black, Cocoa.

If you need a subwoofer to reduce vibration in your Sierra Denali, then this is the perfect model for you in terms of size, versatility, and everything in between. Always go for a subwoofer that fits all your needs, and this one is it!

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