We get asked all the time, “What else do you do here?” It is often tough to give a response to this question, because there are so many other things we offer at SRQ Custom Autosound than car audio. You may already know that we offer full in house upholstery service, but there is much more. This Nissan 370z is an excellent example of some of the restyling we can perform on your vehicle. Of course we also installed a top shelf audio system in this Nissan 370z, and we will cover that as well.

Like many of our new clients, this one came to us after having a terrible experience from another store. They attempted many of the same style changes that we executed, but the quality of their workmanship was not up to par. Luckily for everyone the other store was able to strip off what they had done and refund our client, so we could start with a blank canvas. Our clients original goal was to spice up the exterior of the car with some carbon fiber accents. Originally this included the roof, emblems, and pillars behind the doors. The other store that attempted this had jagged cut marks, wrinkles and bubbles. We took our time over an eight hour day and got every detail just right.

During the other store’s attempt to wrap the roof, they tried to wrap the roof and the antenna without removing the antenna. This had a tragic result. We took the time to remove the entire top half of the car’s interior so that we could properly remove the antenna and then wrap the two pieces separately. While we had the interior apart, we also wrapped the headliner and sun visors in black suede. We found several panels on the inside of the car that could also benefit from some carbon fiber accents.

While all of this was happening, we also took the time to smoke the factory tail lights, while leaving the reverse lens clear.

For audio upgrades, we replaced the stock radio with Pioneer’s flagship radio, the AVIC-Z140BH. The factory amplifier was removed and replaced with an Arc Audio KAR series that powers the Hertz Hi-Energy components up front and the JL Audio 13TW5 subwoofer in our custom made enclosure. In all, by the time this audio system was completed, we did not have to drill a single hole into the car, and only had to modify one little piece of plastic in the car. We are able to create an amazing audio experience and still be able to return this vehicle to stock when it is time to sell it. No one else in our area can do that.