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At SRQ Customs, we understand that while others treat their vehicle as nothing more than a mode of transportation, you see things in a slightly different light. For you, your vehicle is an extension of your personality and the ultimate form of self-expression. To this end, SRQ Customs upholds a strong standard of quality when it comes to outfitting the very best in equipment that represents every aspect of who you are as an individual. 
sarasota custom seat design
The Touch So Many Overlook 

Whenever customization of an automobile is brought up in casual conversations, a variety of topics are mentioned and discussed at length. For many people, customization often pertains to stereos, speaker enclosures, or integration with the technology of one’s smartphone. (All of which SRQ Customs can perform on your vehicle.) However, the interior of your vehicle can also be outfitted with that unique personal touch that can set it apart from others. Most notably, the seats. 

Advantages of Custom Seat Design 

Think about Star Trek for a moment. What is it about the captains of every ship besides their leadership skills that make them unique from the rest of the crew? Their chair. Whether you’re team Kirk or team Picard, you’ve noticed that their chairs are extensions of their importance and symbols of their status as leaders. Shouldn’t you have a similar status symbol when you’re on the road? 

You can. A custom seat design can distinguish your vehicle from so many others, and make you feel like the unique individual you are whenever you sit down to enjoy them. Now, it’s true, there is an almost never-ending supply of seat covers that are available at various auto parts stores or online. However, the quality you get is rarely decent. A custom design can be tailor-made to your specifications and be composed of materials that are high quality and crafted with a skilled hand that you won’t find anywhere else but SRQ Customs. 

Besides, anything you might purchase somewhere else has the possibility to be utilized by another driver in their vehicle. Why take this chance when you have the opportunity to have something that makes you stand out from everyone else? That’s the difference you’ll find with SRQ. 

Find us Online and Cross the Finish Line 

Aside from the seating in your car, SRQ Customs can apply our expertise and knowledge to make your vehicle become your ultimate sanctuary and extension of your personality. We offer a wide variety of services that can make you stand out from the herd and cross the finish line while looking your absolute best. For more info and a portfolio of our past works, pay us a visit at

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