For this project our task was to fit two massive JL Audio 13w6 subwoofers in an equally massive truck. Although the truck is huge, there is very little available space inside to add something of this nature. We decided the most logical approach was to remove the factory center console and mount the subwoofers in its place.

Normally for a console like this, we would want the subwoofers to face downward. This allows the subs to load off the floor, but also protects them from damage and the eyes of thieves. The latest design of the Super Duty incorporates an  airbag crash module on the floor under the center console. Having the subs face downward and clearing the module would make this enclosure awkwardly tall. By facing the subwoofers up, we are able to build a bump into the bottom of the enclosure that tucks the module in between the magnets of the JL Audio 13w6 subwoofers.

The bulk of the console above is contoured to the floor of the truck and the sharp angles on the front of the console match the styling of the rest of the vehicle. The pillars are made of 3″ wooden discs glued together. Either end of the pillars has a threaded insert to allow it to be bolted in place from the top and bottom.

The armrest is made from baltic birch. This wood is stronger and lighter than MDF, and will hold up better to repeated use. An insert made of 1/4″ MDF will hide the bolt heads and act as the base for a removable cushion.

The enclosure is wrapped in matching vinyl with the same stitch pattern as the seats. The armrest is wrapped in contrasting black to match the armrests on the doors. The AUX4 switch on the dash illuminates the subwoofers with several blue LEDs mounted under the armrest.