(Don’t) Blow Your Speakers…and How to Tell if They Already Have

Fans of metal band Man-o-war will certainly recognize the lyric “play it loud, don’t play it low. Blow your speakers with rock and roll.” While this certainly makes for an appealing song for a band talking about their propensity for volume, it’s not practical advice for your car stereo.

Blown speakers in a car

Speakers can make any long commute enjoyable, but blown speakers can dampen the fun on your drive faster than normal. We’ve compiled some early warning signs to keep an ear out for.

Signs Your Speakers Have Blown

  • Partially blown speakers still work and pass audio, but the quality will be greatly diminished. Distortion, static, and other interference will be clearly noticeable.
  • Speakers that are completely blown will not play any audio and will emit buzzing noises or static.
  • A good way to tell if your speakers have blown is you’ll notice a lack of bass, treble, or mid-range. If you’re unsure, adjusting the EQ setting on your stereo will give you a firm indication.
  • An excellent set of speakers will vibrate. If there’s no vibration coming from your speakers, they’re most likely blown.

What Causes Speakers to Blow?

  • One of the most common reasons for blown speakers is wear and tear. Prolonged use at high volumes is often the cause of blown speakers, but it isn’t the only one.
  • The second most common reason for a blown speaker is what’s known as ‘clipping.’ This is where the amp is overdriven and the high and low ends of a sound wave are severed. Literally ‘clipped off.’ An occurrence of this is when the amplifier is being overworked and delivers too much power to the speakers over a considerable amount of time.
  • Another issue that causes speakers to blow is when they are physically damaged. This can be any one of a variety of problems. This can be caused due to faulty installation or a broken grill.

Getting New Speakers at SRQ Customs

While having blown speakers is somewhat of an inconvenience, this setback can be rectified.

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