Update Your Marine Electronics

With both the sun and springtime in full bloom, the earliest signs of the summertime are quickly approaching. While the average person has their own traditions for beating the heat and making the most of the change in weather…you’re not the average person. You’re a mariner whose sea legs are beginning to cramp up from … Read more

Sound Waves of the Sea: Marine Audio

If you’re familiar with SRQ customs, then you know what we’re good at and how well we do it. If you find yourself in Sarasota and hear the silence wasted away by a car stereo, there’s a very good chance that our experts had something to do with it. After all, silence is for when the lights are out and you’re trying to catch some much-needed “Z’s.”

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Transform your Boat to a Party Boat with Marine Audio

You can transform your ordinary boat into a party boat with ease. Just work with SRQ Customs. We provide marine audio and electronics services. What could be better than lounging on your boat while listening to your favorite music? Hook up your boat with a marine audio system to jam to your favorite tunes via … Read more