Speaker Enclosure for Ram Trucks

No matter what vehicle you drive, a good sound system makes all the difference. There’s enough stress in the world to fill a warehouse, so why not drown out the sounds of the day-to-day with the music of your choice? If you drive a RAM truck, then you’re already familiar with power, dependability, and the unwillingness to compromise. You’re only satisfied with being the best.

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Add Bass To Your Toyota Tundra

Are you ready to crank up the sound and add bass to your Toyota Tundra? Then all you need is to remember this one simple mathematical equation . . . Square Sub = More Bass! That’s it! Subwoofers like Kicker’s L7R have the power to really pump up the bass and deliver you an awesome … Read more

Add a Subwoofer to Your Vehicle

Subwoofers take your music listening to the next level. They amplify your bass, adding depth and creating a richer sound. You may worry that adding one will leave your windows shaking and heads turning as you drive down the street. At SRQ Customs, we know that a subwoofer is about more than blasting loud beats. … Read more

Transform your Boat to a Party Boat with Marine Audio

You can transform your ordinary boat into a party boat with ease. Just work with SRQ Customs. We provide marine audio and electronics services. What could be better than lounging on your boat while listening to your favorite music? Hook up your boat with a marine audio system to jam to your favorite tunes via … Read more