Building A Game Truck

A growing segment of SRQ Customs over the last few years has been the construction of custom video game trailers. These trailers range greatly in their size and complexity, but all serve as the starting point for our clients to start their own small business, entertaining at parties and social events with our creations.

We do not operate or take part in the franchise agreements of these trailers, but work with the parent company and the end client to create a unique experience on wheels.

Sioux Chief Game Trailer

The trailers come to us completely raw. We install the generator and fuel tank, all the electronics and decorative elements. In the picture above, the generator is already installed, and many of the walls have already been framed and skinned with plywood.
The common layout includes a wall of big screen TVs, each with their own game consoles and sound systems. Many of the trailers also have external windows that house more TVs and sound systems. Back inside, the trailers are air conditioned, and may also contain VR simulators and a laser tag armory.

Sioux Chief Gaming Trailer

On the wall opposite from the TV wall is a long seating area. Depending on the trailer, up to 20 people can sit here and play games on the TVs. The benches double as storage cabinets for the trailer owners, and we try to make each seat different from the last.