Best Head Units for Sound Quality

With summer here, it might finally be time to upgrade that stereo system. While speakers are what most people think makes all the difference, it all starts with the head unit. We’ve scoured the various sources and provided a comprehensive list of stereo head units that can take your vehicle’s sound system to the next level.


Sony XAV-9500ES
The New XAV-9500ES In-car Media Receiver from Sony Electronics

Stinger Heigh10

The philosophy is simple–go big or go home. A 10-inch touchscreen will anchor the interior of any vehicle, with over 16 million colors. Compatible with Apple, Android, and Sirius XM, you’ll enjoy the sounds of anything you like.

sarasota car audio

Sony XAV9500ES

As one of the most well-known and respected names in technology, Sony has excelled at everything they’ve ever manufactured, and this particular head unit is no exception. Not to be outdone by Stinger, Sony’s display screen rests at an impressive 10.1” for a crystal clear image. But because entertainment is as much audio as it is visual, Sony rolls out the red carpet with a powerful amplifier to bring your music to life. With 14-band EQ, you’ll never have to worry about the sound quality in your vehicle ever again.

Alpine ILX-F409

Another name in the speaker world that has an impressive lineage is Alpine. The company continually finds a way to provide consumers with products that adhere to high-quality standards and sell for an agreeable price. Starting at a considerably lower rate than offerings from Sony and Stinger, Alpine’s dash-installed unit comes equipped with a 9” touch screen that provides clarity and peace of mind. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, you’ll have all of the features commonly found on a smartphone on a user-friendly interface that is a considerable upgrade from your stock screen.



Alpine ILX-407

One of the misconceptions about being an average consumer is that quality and low cost are contradictory terms. Fear not, we understand that living within the confines of a budget can be stressful, and you should be able to get the things you need to make your vehicle feel like a natural extension of yourself. Alpine’s cost-effective unit will still provide more than your current one. A 7” touch screen is compatible with both Android and Apple and will make any trip you take a relaxing one that will absolve you of your current responsibilities.


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