Benefits of Mobile Phone Integration

It’s nothing short of amazing what you can do with your vehicle’s interior technology, and that includes the sound system, all the traveling and entertainment software, and everything you can do straight from your cell phone. That’s why one of our services involves smartphone integration. It gives you the chance to turn your car into a veritable technological hub with everything right there at your fingertips.
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SRQ Customs wants to show you some advantages of mobile phone integration.

Smartphone Integration: How It Works

The purpose behind smartphone integration is simply to sync all of your car’s technology with your phone’s applications and functions. Not too long ago, the most you could do was set your car up to handle phone calls, but now it’s gotten significantly more sophisticated. Now you can add any of the following to your car:

  • Android or Apple Iphone Software
  • Hands-Free Bluetooth
  • Integrated Head Units
  • Audio Streaming Services like Pandora

This means that everything becomes effectively hands-free and you never need to carry around very much hardware. The integrated head units are popular because they have so much built-in tech that enables Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS navigation, and HDMI compatibility. There are loads of options and this is only skimming the surface.

Smartphone Integration Advantages

Why should you consider getting all of your technology integrated into your car? We can think of several advantages:

  • Fewer distractions because everything is hands-free.
  • Way less drain on batteries; therefore, less time charging everything.
  • It’s almost like having a copilot. While others are fumbling to do cell-phone tasks at a red light, all you need to do is a few voice commands and the system handles the rest.
  • All the cool apps you use on your phone migrate over to your car. This means you can make use of all your favorites while driving, including Whatsapp, MLB,, YouTube Music, and much more.
  • You can even open/close your car with your phone rather than the car keys.

Either way you look at it, mobile phone integration is the future of doing just about anything in your car short of having it drive for you (and that’s probably not too far off). So, don’t hesitate to get with SRQ Customs to find out how we can help get all your electronic components integrated into your vehicle. We can’t wait to revamp your entire interior technology layout.

SRQ Customs provides a variety of modification services that cover everything from installing audio systems to creating custom enclosures as well as hooking everything directly to your mobile phone. There are so many cool things you can do now. Feel free to check out everything we offer and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at 941-923-6200.

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