Building A Game Truck

A growing segment of SRQ Customs over the last few years has been the construction of custom video game trailers. These trailers range greatly in their size and complexity, but all serve as the starting point for our clients to start their own small business, entertaining at parties and social events with our creations. We … Read more


SRQ Customs sets out to build an exact replica of the OEM Ferrari subwoofer enclosure, but with a larger woofer inside.   Our first step in the process was to remove the original 5″ subwoofer and the enclosure from the car. Although the original enclosure looks like it contains a pair of subwoofers, the lower … Read more

Terms and Conditions for Online Orders

Product Availability Almost every item in the online store is made to order. Most products in the store offer some level of customization and there are simply too many combinations to create a stock of everything. We strive to fulfill every order as quickly as possible, and most are shipped within 30-60 days of ordering, … Read more