Update Your Marine Electronics

With both the sun and springtime in full bloom, the earliest signs of the summertime are quickly approaching. While the average person has their own traditions for beating the heat and making the most of the change in weather…you’re not the average person. You’re a mariner whose sea legs are beginning to cramp up from … Read more

Get Custom Seat Design with SRQ Customs

At SRQ Customs, we understand that while others treat their vehicle as nothing more than a mode of transportation, you see things in a slightly different light. For you, your vehicle is an extension of your personality and the ultimate form of self-expression. To this end, SRQ Customs upholds a strong standard of quality when … Read more

Benefits of Mobile Phone Integration

It’s nothing short of amazing what you can do with your vehicle’s interior technology, and that includes the sound system, all the traveling and entertainment software, and everything you can do straight from your cell phone. That’s why one of our services involves smartphone integration. It gives you the chance to turn your car into … Read more

The Benefits of Sub Woofers in a Car Stereo

If you’ve ever been out car shopping, whichever salesman you were talking to might have mentioned a subwoofer as an optional addition for the car you’re looking at. While the term is used often enough, the definition and purpose of the item in question might escape you. Well, that’s what we’re here to provide. A … Read more

Guide to Choosing the Right Speakers

SRQ Customs highly recommends choosing the right speakers for your vehicle. It makes a world of difference for the obvious reason that cars, trucks, and SUVs are shaped and sized very differently, thereby impacting sound quality. Back in January, we talked a little bit about not blowing your speakers, but this time we want to … Read more

Adding a Custom Enclosure to Your Ford Raptor

We get a lot of requests from customers wanting to power up their Ford Raptor with an awesome system, including a powerful woofer and enclosure. If you ever want to get some good sound gear for your truck, you’ll need something sturdy to protect and embellish it. SRQ Customs does lots of work designing custom enclosures and other excellent fabrication services.

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Buying a Car Audio System

One of the best parts about road trips or long drives is relaxing and listening to music. Every time you go for a ride you’ll want to be equipped with the best audio system possible. It may seem overwhelming trying to make the right choice when it comes to buying new speakers for your car. so here are some tips to follow to help you before your next purchase. 

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Sound Waves of the Sea: Marine Audio

If you’re familiar with SRQ customs, then you know what we’re good at and how well we do it. If you find yourself in Sarasota and hear the silence wasted away by a car stereo, there’s a very good chance that our experts had something to do with it. After all, silence is for when the lights are out and you’re trying to catch some much-needed “Z’s.”

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When to Use a Car Amp

Do you love to turn your car into a music studio on wheels? SRQ Customs knows how much drivers want to enhance their vehicles in several fashions, especially with a sweet sound system. One of the most effective ways to gain better sound quality is to install an amplifier.

Let’s discuss when and why you should use an amplifier in your car.

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