Add Bass To Your Toyota Tundra

Are you ready to crank up the sound and add bass to your Toyota Tundra?

Then all you need is to remember this one simple mathematical equation . . . Square Sub = More Bass! That’s it! Subwoofers like Kicker’s L7R have the power to really pump up the bass and deliver you an awesome sounding ride. They’re square-shaped (hence, the “Square Sub”), which gives you a bigger speaker, to the tune of 20% more sound.

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Not only are Kicker’s L7R subwoofers great for sound, but you can secure them way better to your truck or off-roader easier than ever. They use a full 360-degree back kicker that keeps the entire cone stable, smooth, and free from distortion. We know you like to take that awesome Toyota Tundra on some bumpy roads, so you wouldn’t want to underestimate the value of a stable subwoofer. These are heavy-duty, they can handle heat/cold, they’re wired tight, and you can choose from five different L7R models, ranging from 10-to-15-inch sizes.

Now all you need is to know WHERE to go for great equipment like this.

Come to SRQ Customs, Sarasota’s only full-service, high-end customization, and repair service. Discover why SRQ Customs has been voted among the Top 50 Retailers on four separate occasions, along with many other service accolades.

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The best part about today’s vehicle technology is that there are SO MANY WAYS to enhance the interior of your vehicle, especially with incredible sound. SRQ Customs has several awesome ways to bolster your electronics, including . . .

  • Car Audio & Electronics
  • Smartphone Integration
  • Vehicle Radar Protection
  • Vehicle Safety Systems
  • Marine Audio & Electronics
  • Custom Enclosures & Fabrication

So, while we want to highlight the cool things you can do with subwoofers, SRQ has you covered on other aspects like safety and fabrication as well. Let’s say you want to redo the vehicles enclosures. You can select enclosure options for up to 20 different vehicle models that we service. We invite you to see for yourself what level of workmanship we do. See some photos of our completed interior work. You can even follow us on Instagram.

We’re open for business Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Our shop is in the beautiful city of Sarasota, Florida at 5687 Mcintosh Road. Call us at 941-923-6200. We can’t wait to find out how we can add bass to your Toyota Tundra!

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