Add a Subwoofer to Your Vehicle

Subwoofers take your music listening to the next level. They amplify your bass, adding depth and creating a richer sound. You may worry that adding one will leave your windows shaking and heads turning as you drive down the street. At SRQ Customs, we know that a subwoofer is about more than blasting loud beats. We make sure that all our installations complement your sound system and lifestyle. Still not convinced? Here are our top reasons why you should add a subwoofer to your vehicle.

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What is a subwoofer, and how does it work?

Subwoofers are large speakers that produce low-frequency bass sounds. They are usually encased in either sealed or ported enclosures. If you love drum and bass or hip-hop, then a subwoofer with a ported enclosure is best for you. A sealed enclosure is excellent for any music but won’t produce a deep bass that rattles your organs. Reproducing bass is the most challenging of all. Speakers work by moving the air to make a sound. To get that deep bass we all know and love, the speakers need to move a lot of it around, and that’s why subwoofers are so large.

Most standard sound systems aren’t equipped with a proper one to save space. Unfortunately, this means that your bass sound is subpar, leaving you wanting more. Bring your car to SRQ Customs to revolutionize your sound. We expertly fit the subwoofers in a way that saves space without sacrificing quality.

What are the benefits of getting a subwoofer?

Subwoofers will enrich the sound of your music. Adding a subwoofer to your vehicle will change the way you listen to your music. Here are a few other benefits.
Gives you better bass – A subwoofer is crucial if you want better bass. Get one to feel your music move through you when you listen to it.
Improves overall sound – Subwoofers can catch even the fastest basslines, improving the quality of the overall sound of your system.
Creates less distortion – Full-range speakers often distort the sound when trying to produce bass because the inner cone and diaphragm can’t handle the pressure. Subwoofers eliminate that distortion.
Relieves pressure on smaller speakers – Your other speakers have to work overtime to create bass if you don’t have a subwoofer. Install one to save smaller speakers from damage.
Gives full frequency range – A subwoofer will give you a complete sound profile so that you can hear every frequency.

Get a subwoofer to improve the overall quality of your sound. At SRQ Customs, we have the skills to help bring your music alive in a way you’ve never heard before. Give us a call on (941) 923-6200 or complete this contact form. You can also send an email to We’re eager to answer your questions and set up an appointment. Take your sound to the next level today.

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