Add a Back-Up Camera to Your Car

Since May 2018, all new vehicles have been required to be equipped with a backup camera. Even if your vehicle was created before then and does not have a backup camera, you can still have one installed. In fact, due to safety reasons, it is strongly encouraged that you do install a backup camera in your car. There are a number of backup camera options available on the market today, and SRQ Customs carries only top-of-the-line products. To learn more about backup cameras, check this out!

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Once seen as cutting-edge technology, backup cameras have become commonplace, even on standard makes and models. The camera is attached to the rear of your vehicle, typically near the license plate. If you already have an LCD screen on your dashboard, all you really need is the camera and professionals to set it up for you correctly so that the camera delivers the best visual range with clarity and precision. If your car does not have a factory screen installed, then SRQ Customs can provide you with options, like a rearview mirror with a built-in monitor.

Because backup cameras increase your field of vision and show you things you would otherwise not see, they can save so many lives, especially those of children and animals, who are commonly victims of backup car accidents. And while safety is the number one reason why you should add a backup camera to your car, truck, or SUV, there are several other benefits to installing them.

For tough parallel parking situations, backup cameras have your back, literally, and when you are backing out of a full parking lot with a car on each side of you, backup cameras can show you pedestrians and cars approaching from either side. They are also especially helpful for those who have trucks and SUVs because large vehicles have more blind spots. And to top things off, backup cameras are perfect for those who use their vehicle to tow things like trailers and boats.

To discover which backup camera option is the right one for you and your vehicle, reach out to SRQ Customs today. Call us at 941.923.6200.

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