6 Reasons Why Bluetooth is Useful in a Car

Bluetooth is a modern feature found in most if not all cars today. It can offer multiple benefits to keep drivers, passengers, and others on the road safe. Find out why you should consider implementing Bluetooth in your current or next vehicle with these 6 reasons from SRQ Customs below.

Custom Bluetooth system inside of a car

1. Going Hands-Free

The Hands-Free Profile enables speakerphone calling. Your car’s stereo speakers along with a concealed microphone operate the input and output of audio calls while you are driving. The Phone Book Access Profile syncs with the contacts entered in your phone to show or speak the name of the caller, search the contacts in your address book, and retrieve any missed, received, or dialed phone numbers.

2. Streaming Abilities

The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile enables your vehicle to obtain stereo audio from a connected Bluetooth phone. You can enjoy the benefit of listening to your favorite music as long as it has been saved on your phone, stream audio from the Internet, or even play podcasts and audiobooks of your choice to pass the time on the road.

3. Safer Texting

The Message Access Profile permits incoming text messages to be read out loud while you are driving so that you are not tempted to take your eyes off the road for a visual read. Contemporary car stereos that support this feature will also allow the driver to send a short, automatic reply with a simple tap or two.

4. Internet and Apps

A Bluetooth-compatible phone can share its connection to the Internet with an attached device such as a laptop. Automobile infotainment systems can use Bluetooth to operate the apps that have been installed on your smartphone.

5. Accessibility

Not only do smartphones support Bluetooth, but almost every car nowadays offers Bluetooth connectivity as either a standard characteristic or as an added perk for just a nominal fee.

6. Progression

Bluetooth is constantly evolving and its capabilities are becoming more and more advanced. This amazing technological development has come very far over the past few years and even further progression is still to come.

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