5 Qualities Of A Good Subwoofer

Have you ever found yourself wondering what qualities a good subwoofer possesses? Well, you won’t need to wonder anymore as we’re going to have a look at what you need to look for to determine if a subwoofer is worth using. After all, it’s unlikely that you want to use a subwoofer that cannot add layers of massive sonic impact alongside delicately immersive soundwaves.

Once you know what to look for, you can determine if your subwoofer is up to standard, like the Chevy Colorado’s 2015-21 crew cab subwoofer. If you find it isn’t, you may want to consider discussing your subwoofer options with SRQ Customs.

5 qualities of a good custom subwoofer

The Five Qualities Of A Good Subwoofer

Below are the five qualities of a good subwoofer that you need to look for. Fortunately, they are easy to identify, so you shouldn’t have any issues when next analyzing a subwoofer you’re interested in.

1. A Lower Frequency Output At The Highest Sound Pressure Levels

Trust us, one of the very first things you need to check is whether a subwoofer plays loud without distortion. Even if the source material is challenging to emit, it still needs to be able to be loud and have no distortion.

Additionally, you don’t want a subwoofer with an amplifier limiting feature. Although these are in place to help protect a driver or amp against damage, quality subwoofers don’t have amplifier limiting. Without it, they can still deliver sound when you need it and when you expect it.

Yet, what should you look for to identify if a subwoofer has a lower frequency output at the highest sound pressure levels? According to sound experts, you need to look at how much chest pumping power it generates when the deepest base notes are played. If you can’t experience this on your own, you might want to visit SRQ Customs.

2. Look For Speed In Transients

When looking for how well a subwoofer handles speed in transients, you are looking for how well it can stop and start. A good-quality subwoofer should have a fast impulse or be able to change momentum quickly.

Essentially a good-quality subwoofer should be able to stop playing bass at the moment it’s supposed to and start playing bass at the perfect moment. By doing this, the sound will be distinguishable from the speaker output while the other speakers play in unison.

3. An Extremely Low-Frequency Extension

When we’re talking about a subwoofer’s ability to play notes at an extremely low-frequency extension, we are speaking about its ability to reproduce the deepest bass tones or notes or if a subwoofer can reach notes at or below 20Hz.

When a subwoofer delivers notes this low with clarity, you know it’s a good quality one. Even if you don’t hear the notes as long as you feel them, that’s a good indicator.

4. It Needs To Blend Seamlessly With A Full Range Of Speakers

You should try to remember that when your subwoofer is connected to a full range of speakers, you shouldn’t be able to hear it above the other speakers. A good subwoofer will be able to blend seamlessly with a full range of speakers.

Suppose your subwoofer is drawing attention to itself by having its sound be the focal point. In that case, it is likely of inferior quality, unlike subwoofers like the Chevy Colorado’s 2015-21 crew cab subwoofer, for example. Essentially if your subwoofer sounds like it is stealing the show, it is likely not a good one.

5. There Needs To Be An Accuracy In Frequency Response

When you’re determining if a subwoofer is worth considering, you should check if it can create the exact amount of bass you are supposed to hear at the exact pitch the sound is meant to be heard. If it cannot perfectly recreate the sound in this way, it is not correct in its accuracy in frequency response. Basically, if the sound is clear and powerful without warping or flattening, it’s worth considering.

Buy the Best Subwoofers at SRQ Customs

Now you are more aware of a good subwoofer’s qualities. You will have no issue differentiating a good subwoofer from a bad one with this knowledge. Should you want to learn more about the different subwoofer options you have, consider contacting SRQ Customs.

We specialize in all things sound and can help you choose the best subwoofer for your needs and preferences. We have a range of tech services on offer that you can learn more about from one of our reputable staff members when you call us at 941-923-6200. If you would like to stop by, we are located at 5687 McIntosh Road in Sarasota, FL.

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